Friday, April 9, 2010

Try to make me go to rehab

Am I an addict?
(more than three yes answers signifies a problem)

Tolerance. Has your willingness to accept or excuse abusive or dismissive behavior increased overtime. Are you willing to accept relationship conditions that you know are beneath you?
Withdrawal. Is time away from your ex plagued with symptoms of emotional withdrawal? What does emotional withdrawal look like? Frequent discussions about your ex and their behavior, incessantly checking of your cellphone, isolation, irritability, promiscuous behavior, substance abuse.
Difficulty controlling your use. Do you sometimes set limits or boundaries on this relationship and/or contact with your ex and find yourself violating those limits?
Negative consequences. Have you continued to indulge in your ex even though there have been negative consequences to your mood, self-esteem, health, job, or familial/social relationships?
Neglecting or postponing activities. Have you ever put off or reduced social, recreational, work, or household activities to indulge in your ex?
Spending significant time or emotional energy. Have you spent a significant amount of time obtaining, using, concealing, planning, or recovering from contact with your ex? Have you spend a lot of time thinking about your ex? Have you ever concealed or minimized the amount of time you spend with your ex? Have you ever thought of schemes to avoid getting caught?
Desire to cut down. Have you sometimes thought about cutting out contact with your ex? Have you ever made unsuccessful attempts to do so?

Answer honestly here, kids.
Only the truth will set you free
criteria via DSM IV

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