Friday, March 26, 2010

The focus of our thoughts

In all my new age reading journeys, there exists one consistent theme:
You attract whatever you give most attention to. (See The Secret by Rhonda Byrne)

According to the statement above, thinking about our doc and all the ways in which he/she has destroyed our sense of self serves no positive purpose. Giving attention, energy and thought to this negativity will only attract more negativity and more addictive cycles into our lives.

The focus of our thoughts should be abstention and the other interests that will fill our time as we work through and exterminate our addictive behaviors.

Easier said than done! I know. To succeed in this advice, I like to employ a little technique I call "hijacking" my thoughts. Naturally, your mind is going to wander back to your ex, or to how good that loving high feels but that does not mean your mind needs to dwell there. Bring it back. Bring it back to reality and back to reliable and safe relationships and sources of satisfaction (friends, yoga, writing, singing, art..etc). These things should be the focus of our thoughts. These things will sustain you.

Don't stress if you haven't yet discovered other sources of satisfaction. The destruction of self and independent interests is just another symptom of addiction. We'll work on rediscovering our selves and our interests in future posts.

Just remember: If your mind wanders one million times, simply bring it back, one million times.

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